Affiliate Program

Earn 10% by bringing new customers

Step 1

Create an Affiliate Link

This is a shortened link for tracking purchases on our trading platform

Step 2

Distribute the Link

Get 10% for each customer purchase using your referral link

Step 3

Get Benefits

Passive profit with the possibility of withdrawal on the 15th of each month

How do the calculations work?

It's simple - the client follows a special referral link, and if he makes purchases, then you get 10% of each purchase.
For example, a person bought 5 items with a total value of $500 = $50 your income

What is a referral link?

This is a shortened link that redirects the client to the URL address you specified earlier.
Link example:

Can someone else's referral link outbid mine?

No, it can't.
After the client has used your link, he is linked to you for 5 days.
If during this period he follows the referral link of another person, then he will still be assigned to you.

How long does the referral link work?

The link will be available permanently.
However, when clicking on the referral link, a cookie (for tracking) will be added to the client, which will work for 5 days.
If the customer does not make a purchase within this period, or does not follow your link again (to update the cookie), then his actions will not be credited to you.

What links should I specify for promotion?

You can specify any links to projects / offer pages / or any other store pages - tracking will be added automatically.

I am the author, can I use this system for my projects?

Sure. You can promote your own projects and get additional profit, or promote any other projects / pages / offers to make a profit.

When can I withdraw my profit?

The profit is withdrawn automatically on the 15th of each month (except weekends) to the payment system you specified.
For a minimum withdrawal, you need to earn $50.

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