Become an Author

Earn money on your content

Two types of income

Direct Sales

Direct payment for the specified price (income up to 75% of the sale)

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With each sale, you will get:
70% for personal license & 75% for extended licenses.

By Subscription

You can allow your product to be downloaded by subscription and profit from the number of downloads

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Example: The store earned $100,000 on subscriptions in a month.
  • The authors will share 50% of the income = $50,000.
  • Based on 7% of downloads (your projects) = $3500 net income.


We do not require that your items are exclusive - this is optional.

However, for items only for our store, you will receive a special label and an increased ranking of items.


Get daily analytics about your sales in the author's dashboard

You can also add Google Analytics to track the sales of your items.

Affiliate Program

You can also earn additional profit through the referral program

You can promote both your own projects and others.
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Available categories

Upload Templates / Scripts and Plugins for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Apple Motion, and also Stock Audio

When requested, we will add new categories for uploading content.

At the moment we accept authors by request, or by invitation.

You can leave your application below

Upon approval, your account will immediately receive the status of an author.