Industrial Swooshes

Audio Waveform - Industrial Swooshes
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BMI IPI number 01058508257
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Epic Elite
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48,000 Hz
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10.01.2024 / 12.01.2024
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A great royalty free futuristic sfx set of 3 wide and industrial whoosh transitional sounds, here to supercharge your massive projects in a heartbeat! You can hear these eerie synth based epic swoosh sound elements that will be more than perfect for your sci-fi movies, trailers, intros, promos, games, animations, documentaries, tense cinematic scenes and others. Grab this one right now and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy it! 3000x3000-4883852--942FC5E7-5F5C-4AE7-B6968F2A68E17A2C--0--1312501--10000000.jpg
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