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Pitch is a collection of various slides and transitions that will help you with building a cool promo video or an opener. The workflow is extremely simple: select the slides that you like, add your footage, edit the text blocks, connect the slides with transitions, add music and you are ready to go!All the slides and transitions are divided into 7 unique themes, and we plan to update Pitch with more themes on a regular basis.  


  • Themes – Knockout, Shuffle, Neo, Grid, Freestyle, Solid, Flow
  • Overlays – Light, Aberrations, Flicker, Vignette, VHS, Text, Letterbox
  • Color Correction – Basic, Fashion, Portrait, Travel, Vintage, Hipster, Futuristic, Dark, Pastel, Metallic, Duotone, Gradient, HDR, Soft Glow

What’s inside?

  • 200+ slides & transitions
  • 400+ assets
  • AtomX 3.0.6 extension
  • Documentation

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